Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Spring configuration: applicationContext

When I started working with Spring framework, I immediately recognized the value and simplicity of using such framework to develop and maintain J2EE applications. It is collection of best practices for coding, great design patterns implementation (some of them), and fantastic guideline for putting enterprise level applications together. However, starting with Spring can sometime be overwhelming experience, so I would like to create a few posts that would make this job easier. This is just one of the templates that works for me, but with Spring you have infinite number of possibilities on how to integrate and develop you code.

More about Spring framework can be found at Spring documentation. Of course, Springsource (and community) have created many other additions and standalone products that fit well with Spring. Please feel free to explore this product.

File included in this post would be the first applicationContext.xml file that will be loaded from the web.xml.

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