Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shihan Fred Haynes 7th Dan - Aikido Georgetown

On May 7th, we had a fantastic seminar held by Fred Haynes from Victoria, BC. Seminar was held in Georgetown Aikido club. It was my first visit there but, I have to say that the club and people training there are great. We had a good time and there were two senior Dan grading held (4th and 5th Dan). 4th Dan grading was for my Sensei Fred Springer from Seikeikan Yoshinkai Aikido. I have to say that it was a great grading and we all enjoyed watching. These are some of the photographs taken by Dan (he trains with us too :)):

Anyway, grading was great, training even better. Most of the training was focused on center line when doing technique and what Shite needs to do to maintain control of the opponent and keep focus on that line. One of the techniques that we touched was Sankajo (Sankyo) and effectiveness of the pin regarding the position of the Uke shoulder when finishing the technique. This one in particular was focusing on making space between yourself and Uke and keeping Uke's shoulder pinned to the ground. A very nice and effective way to finish the technique. 

I do hope to attend more seminars from Fred H as he has very effective and entertaining way to teach Aikido. If you were at the seminar, please let me know what you think...