Thursday, January 26, 2012

Representing Java classes in diagrams

You probably wanted to display relationships from the Java classes in diagram if you needed to understand how the projects and files are related to each other. Eclipse can show you Call and Type hierarchy, but seeing it all in one graph can help you understand how project is structured. I have created the diagram for the docx4j using small application (using Apache BCEL 5.2) to create it (to import it I converted CSV file to XLSX and used yEd):

Application code that is creating CVS is this:

Once you have run this code, open file in Excel, save as XLSX and then open file in yEd. After that, choose Edge List and fill in your ranges. Import as Circular and then change Layout to Organic (I think that it is faster this way and it looks better). With graphs big as this one, some layouts will be extremely slow. What is useful in the end is that you can select neighboring nodes, and create new document out of that. That should give you a good overview of what your class is using or where it is being used.

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