Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Proxy in Microsoft proprietary world

In a world where we have a corporate proxy server requiring NTLM authentication, having Mac/Linux may prove to be difficult choice if all data needs to be routed though the said proxy. Talk about Brew, Git, Node, etc., and all of them will require authenticated access. When you try to use these apps, you may get 407 error saying that you require authentication. In this case, we would need to authenticate using NTLM and this can easily be done with cntlm. We can leave proxy running and connect to its default port 3128 on localhost for most applications requiring it, be it through environment export and http or https proxy or config in e.g. gitconfig file. To start, we need to generate hash for our password:

cntlm -u myusername -d mydomain -H

After this, you will get a password hash that you need to copy in cntlm.conf file in /etc and this will be used to start your server and authenticate you. Server is started with cntlm command specifying configuration file. A good resource to look at is cntlm documentation,  or I found that this post also helps.


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